A clear understanding of people’s area of accountability and autonomy enables greater efficiency, effective collaboration and agility throughout an organization.

A simple way to clarify domains is with a domain description that contains:

  • primary driver (the organizational need the domain is designed to respond to)
  • key responsibilities (key deliverables, any critical risks to manage, other essential work and decision making being delegated)
  • constraints to the autonomy and influence of those the domain is delegated to (the delegatees), usually related to the organization itself (dependencies, involvement of the delegator, reporting etc.)
  • resources (time, money, facilities, privileges, tools)
  • evaluation criteria and frequency of evaluation
  • term (for a role)

Domain descriptions can be created for a role, position, circle, team, open domain, department, unit, or the whole organization.

Another way of clarifying a domain is by filling out an S3 Delegation Canvas.

A template for domain descriptions

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