Collaborate on fostering a cooperative culture where everyone can achieve their fuller potential, so that you build and maintain an engaging and productive work environment.

Essential patterns to help you achieve this:

  • Artful Participation – Introducing the concept of Artful Participation to people, invites them to pay conscious attention to how they contribute and to make changes when they realize their current approach can be improved.
  • Adopt the Seven Principles – The seven principles provide guidelines for behavior that enable a productive, engaging and cooperative culture.
  • Agree on Values – Agreement on fundamental guidelines for behavior in the organization, define ethical parameters for action and facilitate coherence.
  • Evaluate and Evolve Agreements – Regular review and intentional evolution of agreements relating to culture, helps keep them alive in the consciousness of the people and identify when and how they can be improved.
  • Contract for Successful Collaboration – Co-creating mutually beneficial agreements for collaboration from the start, supports building and maintaining an engaging and productive working environment and a culture of trust between parties.
  • Create a Pull-System for Organizational Change – Distributing the responsibility for developing culture to everybody, invites proactivity in addressing challenges and opportunities as they arise.