Focus your daily work on value delivery, so that the stuff that needs doing to achieve your purpose is done.

Essential patterns to help you achieve this:

  • Clarify and Develop Domains – Clarifying the area of influence, activity and decision-making that a team, or person in a role is responsible for, enables them to understand the value they are expected to deliver.
  • Respond to Organizational Drivers – Understanding what’s necessary to respond to and why, and ensuring those things are taken care of, maximizes potential for creating value.
  • Prioritize Backlogs – When you prioritize your list of work items by value, it is obvious which ones need to be worked on first.
  • Limit Work In Progress – Limiting the number of concurrent work items for people and teams, helps to maintain a steady flow of value and encourages collaboration when work is blocked.
  • Daily Standup – A Daily Standup provides the space for a team to organize how they will create value during the day ahead
  • Test Arguments Qualify as Objections – When you test each argument brought forward against a decision for whether or not it reveals worthwhile improvements or unwanted consequences, you keep your work focused on value and avoid getting derailed by unfounded opinions and personal preferences.