The Official Description of Sociocracy 3.0 (Online Version)


If you're new to S3…

Start with ▶ What is Sociocracy 3.0, which explains what S3 is all about, and what it can bring to your organization or team.

Refer to the ▶ Glossary for terms you are not familiar with.

At the bottom of each page, you will find a guided tour through this book, all you need to do to read it cover-to-cover is follow those links.

If you already know S3…

To see what has changed in the Practical Guide, take a look at the ▶ Changelog.

To find a specific pattern, or to get an overview over what's available, you can use the pattern index  Pattern Index or the pattern map Pattern Map, available as icons on the top of the page.

These tools are also available in the "Quick Links" menu.

Downloads and other languages

You can read this guide in German, French, Dutch, or Hebrew. Each page has links to other language versions of that page in the footer.

If you prefer to read this guide offline or on your ebook reader, you can find downloads as PDF and EPUB in the ▶ S3 Resources Page in all available languages.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For those of you who use the Practical Guide in their daily work, we added some keyboard shortcuts to make your life a little easier.

Shift + m will open the menu, which you can then navigate with the arrow keys, and select an item with <space> or <enter> keys.

The following commands will take you to specific pages, for all of those you will have to type 'g' (for 'Go'), followed by another letter:

  • g nGo to the Next page in the book
  • g m – Go to the Pattern Map
  • g i – Go to the Pattern Index
  • g g – Go to the Glossary
  • g cGo to the Changelog
  • g hGo to this Homepage
  • g sGo to the page that contains the whole Practical Guide in one Single page

Just try it, type 'g n' to go to the next page

For further information about Sociocracy 3.0 and more free resources check out