Keep an up-to-date list of things you need to address, so that you can remember them, and use that information to plan and organize your work.

Prioritize Backlogs

Order all uncompleted work items with the most important items first, then pull work items from the top whenever there is new capacity.

Visualize Work

Maintain a system that allows all stakeholders to review the state of all work items currently pending, in progress or complete.

Deliver Value Incrementally

Slice work in a way that allows for delivering value fast and frequently, to validate assumptions quickly, align with customer needs, and respond promptly to changing priorities.

Pull-System For Work

People pull in new work items when they have capacity (instead of having work pushed or assigned to them).

Limit Work in Progress

Limit the number of work items in any stage of your work process.

Timebox Activities

Set a time constraint to stay focused, bring consciousness to the time you have and how you use it.


A person fulfilling the role of a coordinator is accountable for coordinating a domain's operations and is selected for a limited term.