Support everyone in developing their competence and skill, so that their contribution remains valuable and the organization can evolve.

Essential patterns to help you achieve this:

  • Navigate via Tension – Everyone in the organization paying attention for situations where growing competence and skills may be valuable focuses the learning effort and facilitates continuous improvement.
  • Evaluate Meetings – A brief evaluation at the end of each meeting or workshop helps people identify their strengths, growing edges, and ways to improve their contribution in the future.
  • Peer Review – When teams or people in roles regularly invite relevant stakeholders for a review of their effectiveness, they can learn about their strengths and growing edges, and identify ways they can improve their contribution in the future.
  • Development Plan – Collaborating with relevant stakeholders on a plan for how to develop necessary skills and competence is an effective way of focusing the learning efforts of a person in a role, or for a team.
  • Peer Feedback – Inviting feedback from peers supports people in understanding their strengths and growing edges, so that they can invest in learning where helpful.