Take time for learning at the end of each meeting or workshop.

Reflect on interactions, celebrate successes and share suggestions for improvement before closing the meeting.

  • reserve 5 minutes for 1 hour, and 15 minutes for a full-day workshop
  • record learning and review it before the next meeting

Short formats you can use:

  • more of/less of/start/stop/keep
  • positive/critical/suggested improvements

Evaluate meetings right before closing the meeting

Evaluate Meetings: Long Format

Ask everyone in a round to reflect on any or all of the following topics in a brief sharing, and report key points you’d like to remember for next time:

  • effectiveness and format
  • facilitation and participation
  • emotional tone
  • appreciations and achievements (I liked …)
  • growing edges and improvement suggestions (I wish …)
  • wild ideas and radical suggestions (What if …)