Continuously evolve the body of agreements, and eliminate waste.

Regular review of agreements is an essential practice for a learning organization:

  • adapt agreements to suit changing context
  • integrate learning to make them more effective

Ensure all agreements have an appropriate review date.

Evaluating agreements can be as simple as checking that an agreement is still relevant, and there is no objection to keeping it as it is.

Experiment, evaluate, evolve

Agreements are often reviewed in Governance Meetings, however sometimes it’s more effective to schedule a dedicated session.

Adjust review frequency as necessary, and review early if required.

Elements of this pattern can also be used by individuals to evaluate decisions they make.

Short Format

  • How has this agreement helped us?
  • Is there any reason to drop this agreement?
  • How can this agreement be improved?
  • Agree on a next review date.

Long Format

A long format for evaluating and evolving agreements


  • Schedule the review.
  • Ensure all necessary information is available.


  • Agree on the next review date.
  • Document decisions and tasks, and share with relevant people.
  • Consider effects on any related agreements.