Clarify and Develop Domains

Explicitly clarify, and then regularly evaluate and develop a domain's design based on learning, to enable those with responsibility for the domain to account for it as effectively as possible.

Delegate Influence

Distribute the power to influence, to enable people to decide and act for themselves within defined constraints.

Clarify and Develop Strategy

A strategy is a high level approach for how people will create value to successfully account for a domain.

Align Flow

In support of continuous flow of value, move decision-making close to where value is created, and align the flow of information accordingly.

Create a Pull-System For Organizational Change

Create an environment that invites and enables members of the organization to drive change.

Driver Mapping

A workshop format for large groups to co-create and organize themselves in response to a complex situation of significant scope and scale.

Open Systems

Intentionally communicate with and learn from others outside of your system.