Artful Participation

Commit to doing your best to act and interact in ways that enable effective collaboration.

Adopt The Seven Principles

Align collaboration with the Seven Principles.

Agree On Values

Intentionally evolve the culture in your organization.

Involve Those Affected

Involve people in making decisions that affect them, to maintain equivalence and accountability, and to increase the amount of information available on the subject.

Breaking Agreements

Break agreements when you are certain the benefit for the organization outweighs the cost of waiting to amend that agreement first, and take responsibility for any consequences.

Transparent Salary

Create a fair salary formula and make it transparent.

Contract For Successful Collaboration

Support successful collaboration from the start and build trust between parties by co-creating mutually beneficial and legally robust contracts.

Support Role

Apply the role pattern to external contractors.


Secure S3 principles and patterns in your bylaws as needed to protect legal integrity and organizational culture.