Develop a strategy to guide value creation, so that everyone shares a common direction, and strategy is adapted as necessary to achieve the purpose.

Essential Patterns to help you achieve this:

  • Clarify and Develop Domains – A clearly defined area of influence, activity and decision-making is a prerequisite for defining an effective strategy for an organization, a team, or a role.
  • Clarify Intended Outcome – Defining the intended outcome of a strategy is an essential component for monitoring and evaluating its effectiveness, and adapting things when necessary.
  • Describe Organizational Drivers – Understanding the motive for acting in response to a specific situation is an essential component for designing an effective strategy for responding to it
  • Clarify and Develop Strategy – Stakeholders collaborating on creating and evolving strategy for an organization, team, or role helps to support creation of relevant and effective strategy.
  • Evaluate And Evolve Agreements – Reviewing strategy and evolving it as necessary over time ensures it remains helpful and relevant to the organization, team, or role.
  • Evaluation Criteria – Defining criteria for success or failure is necessary for figuring out whether or not the strategy is effective.