See the bigger picture – identify what’s needed – prioritize where to start.

People face many challenges and opportunities in organizations and recognize the potential for improving the current state of things, yet they’re uncertain or unable to agree how and where to start and what to do to move forward.

They need a simple way to build shared understanding about what is happening in their organization, and what needs to be done, so that they can effectively and sustainably respond to the impediments and opportunities they face.

The Common Sense Framework (CSF) lays out the big picture of what to consider to grow and maintain organizations where BOTH the people and the organization can thrive, and suggests specific practices and tools that can help you to get there.

Through 10 essential principles that apply equally to individual teams, and the organization as a whole, evolve organizations that are:

  • focused on value – people’s efforts are directed toward creating value for the organization, its members, customers, and other stakeholders.
  • productive – the organization is efficient in identifying, developing and delivering the necessary products and services necessary to achieve its purpose.
  • adaptive – people are able to effectively identify and respond to organizational needs and changing contexts (both short term and long-term).
  • resilient – the organization and its members are able to withstand adversity and uncertainty, if needed.
  • reciprocal – the organization and its members share a relationship of mutual reciprocity where the organization is committed to the development, wellbeing and success of its members, and vice versa.