Commit to doing your best to act and interact in ways that enable effective collaboration.

“Is my behavior in this moment the greatest contribution I can make to the effectiveness of this collaboration?”

Participating artfully may include interrupting, objecting or breaking agreements.

Artful Participation is an individual commitment to:

  • actively consider and follow-up on all agreements made, in the best way possible, given the circumstances
  • develop awareness and understanding of individual and collective needs
  • grow the necessary skills
  • support others to participate artfully
  • bring impediments and improvement suggestions to the attention of others if necessary

Benefits Of Artful Participation

Artful participation:

  • enables co-creation and evolution of agreements
  • helps to grow stronger teams
  • builds self-accountability, integrity and trust
  • generates a culture of mutual support and close collaboration
  • is more powerful when embraced by many

Balance autonomy and collaboration through artful participation

Artful Participation: Self-Assessment

  • How can I support myself and others to participate more artfully?
  • Where are my interactions with others unhelpful or ineffective?
  • Which agreements do I find hard to keep? What can I do to address this?
  • What skills can I develop, that would support me to participate more artfully?
  • What would artful participation mean in relation to:
    • my daily activities?
    • collaboration and interaction with others?
    • the organization?
    • our customers or clients?
    • the wider environment?