Support each other to learn and grow in the roles and teams you serve in.

The role keeper – or team – leads the peer review by setting up the process, and by speaking first in each step.

Peer review process

Ensure you invite people with complementary perspectives to contribute to the review, and a facilitator.

For both appreciations and improvement suggestions, ensure you consider the following aspects:

  • The value the delegatee brought to the organization by accounting for the domain.
  • The role keeper’s or team’s work processes, and their collaboration with the delegator and with other relevant stakeholders, and – in the case of a team – with each other.
  • How well the delegator takes care of their responsibilities.
  • The design of the domain itself (and potentially the design of other related domains).
  • The role keeper’s or team’s competencies and skills in relation to the domain.
  • The strategy the role keeper or team follows to account for this domain.

Continuous improvement of people's ability to effectively keep roles or collaborate in teams